Corridor8 review by Laura Biddle:

"(...) in a performance both analogous to and distinct from the former, Manchester-based Joe Beedles begins, again using [Kathy] Wilmott’s work to inform his piece. Cushions were placed on the ground around Beedles’ equipment – laptop, smoke machine, laser – and people gravitated to them, sitting down, eager to experience whatever was coming. The communistic floor-level seating method, usually reserved for children in the western world, brought a novel, experiential atmosphere. What comes, when the lights are out, is a dot, then several, then a single sinuous line whose form and changing colours immediately evoke Wilmott’s work. As these lasers wind across the bare wall, the speakers flanking it emit electronic staccatos, initially resembling electronic signals with jazz sensibilities and polyrhythms, allusions to call and response, and tones of improvisation. As the lasers build, so does the sonic accompaniment into which Beedles has inserted sections of Hirst’s words which suddenly claim the notes as beats, turning poetry into lyrics. Between the lasers’ sharp lines, fluid motion, luminous colours and emphasis using the smoke machine in parts, the performance is captivating, creating a collective trance-like effect on the audience."

photography by Rachel Bywater @